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Celestron announce wireless update now available Via CFM

Celestron have announced that Wireless updates are now officially available via CFM for some Celestron telescope Models. Please see below for details regarding software versions and specific handsets.

Details and restrictions:


All NexStar+ hand controllers can be updated by WiFi if they have version 5.26 (or later) of the firmware installed. However the first batch of Evolution mounts shipped with 5.24 this means that they must be updated by cable to 5.26 first.
This is true for any mount with a built in WiFi module or WiFi accessory.

StarSense hand controllers can be updated by WiFi when they have version 1.15 (or later) of the firmware.
Again, if the firmware version needs updating to 1.15, this must be done by cable first in the regular way.
This is true for any mount with a built in WiFi module or WiFi accessory.

Motor boards:

All motor controllers that are supported by CFM are also supported by WiFi. Right now, this is only Evolution and AVX.
This means that Evo and AVX units already have their motor boards updated by CFM (as well as the handset) when it is run in the usual fashion, and this will also apply when running CFM over Wifi.

COSMOS does not come with a hand controller. And the Motor controller has never needed updates. therefore the Cosmos is NOT included in the list above and its motor boards will not update over WIFI.

Instructions for using WiFi and CFM:

Updating via WiFi works much the same as with Serial ports. Which is to say it is as automatic as possible.

  1. Plug in the WiFi and ensure the HC is plugged into the mount’s aux ports and turn it on. (Or simply switch on the EVO with HC connected)
  2. Connect your PC to the network created by the WiFi module; or if your module is configured to use a WLAN then connect your computer to the WLAN.
  3.  Open CFM, by default is begins searching serial ports for a device, but none will be connected.
  4.  While you wait for that to finish, open the Connections option from the CFM menu (top left)
  5.  Select WiFi, then click OK.
  6.  When CFM has finished searching (the serial port task it started by default) the Seek Devices button will once again become active. Click it and this time it will seek out your network. The first device CFM will find is the WiFi module itself. It will then begin seeking other devices.
  7. Press Update and the programming process will begin.

NOTE: Device discovery over WiFi takes longer than when using the Serial Cable. Celestron are currently working to improve this. You will know when the discovery process has completed as the Update button and/or Seek Devices button becomes active.

Press Update and the programming process will begin.

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