Carry Cases

An optical instrument should always be kept in a proper case when being transported, stored, or not in use. Specific telescope models need specific carry cases. We have the cases that you are looking for.

Celestron Telescope Cases are offered in various sizes which include lockable latches and die-cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, eyepieces and accessories. Celestron cases can be carried or pulled using attached wheels. Celestron offers unbreakable, watertight, dust proof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof premium cases made of Ultra High Impact structural co-polymer that makes it extremely strong and durable.

Geoptik carry cases have a very ergonomic design, allowing you to handle them easily. For instance, inserting a telescope into a Geoptik carry case is easier than in many competing designs. The bags are of a high quality for a long life-span. Geoptik padded cases protect the telescope from moisture and light rain. The skin is waterproof and even the zippers are spray water proof.

Vixen make their own beautiful aluminum cases to transport Vixen scopes and mounts in style. They have room for the OTA and removed finder scope and sport the Vixen logo and classier metal trim.

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