This section contains our wide range of complete telescopes for every level and budget from all the leading telescope brands. The range comprises Refractor Telescopes, Newtonian Reflector Telescopes and Catadioptric Telescopes.

Telescopes gather and focus light mainly from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum (although some work in infrared and ultraviolet). Optical telescopes increase the apparent angular size of distant objects as well as their apparent brightness. In order for the image to be observed, photographed, studied, and sent to a computer, telescopes work by employing one or more curved optical elements, usually made from glass lenses and/or mirrors, to gather light and other electromagnetic radiation to bring that light or radiation to a focal point. Optical telescopes are used for astronomy and there are three main optical types:

The refractor telescopes which use lenses to form an image.
The reflecting telescopes which use an arrangement of mirrors to form an image.
The catadioptric telescopes which use mirrors combined with lenses to form an image.
Beyond these basic optical types there are many sub-types of varying optical design classified by the task they perform such as astrographs, comet seekers, solar telescope, etc…

Astronomical telescopes are supplied on a variety of mounts and tripods, including equatorial and alt-azimuth. Most mounts can be motorised or offered with GoTo capabilities.