Celestron Wedge for Nexstar Evolution and SE 6/8


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Celestron Wedge for Nexstar Evolution and SE 6/8

  • Equatorial wedge for Celestron NexStar 6/8SE and Evolution Alt-Az mounted computerized telescopes
  • Enables long exposure astrophotography and autoguiding by tilting the telescope’s azimuth into an equatorial platform allowing it to track an arc around the polar axis.
  • For beginner to intermediate planetary and deep space imagers
  • Captive hardware, tool-less operation, easily adjusts under load
  • All new hefty yet portable design
  • Sturdy latitude adjustment screw with easy to read scale and integrated Bubble level

The new Wedge for NexStar Evolution and SE 6/8 mounts turns our venerable single fork arm telescopes into portable astroimaging powerhouses.

The popular NexStar SE and the new NexStar Evolution telescopes are great for astrophotography, however an EQ wedge is necessary to take longer exposure images, or to advance further and use an autoguider.

Alt-Az tracking keeps objects centered, but a long enough exposure will reveal they rotate in the field of view. Adding a wedge allows the mount to track equatorially, thereby eliminating field rotation.

This Wedge was reengineered from the ground-up, specifically tailored to the NexStar Evolution and SE’s size and styling. Weight is minimal to keep the whole setup light and portable, yet the platform is sturdy to support taking long exposure astrophotos.

Unlock the full imaging potential from your NexStar Evolution or SE 6/8 mount with this new Wedge!

Stock No: 93665


  • TurnsAlt-Az into EQ Tracking: Turn your Evolution or SE mount into a long exposure astrophotography platform.
  • All-new industrial design: Sized and styled specifically for the NexStar Evolution and SE tripod and fork arm.
  • 0º to 70º latitude range: Covers the majority of populated areas around the globe.
  • Lightweight: At just 6.8 kg, the wedge keeps the single form arm telescope portable and light.
  • Teflon bearings: Provides smooth adjustment under load, no tools required
  • Captive hardware: All but one bolt is captive, keeping the wedge and all its parts well contained.
  • Latitude Scale: For quick reference and rough polar alignment (before using All-Star Polar Alignment)
  • Bubble Level: Built into wedge for quick leveling of tripod.
  • Celestron engineered: Robust ME included finite element analysis (FEA) and field tested for performance.


  • Load Capacity: 36 lbs
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Construction: Cast aluminium with machined aluminium parts
  • Mount Compatibility: NexStar Evolution 6/8/9.25 and NexStar SE 6/8,/li>
  • Latitude Range: 0° – 70°
  • Azimuth fine adjustment range: +/- 10º
Included Items:
  • Wedge
  • 5 hex keys for assembly
  • Instruction manual


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