Zenith Microlab-1000BD Digital Binocular Laboratory Microscope

Zenith Microlab-1000BD Digital Binocular Laboratory Microscope


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Zenith Microlab-1000BD Digital Binocular Laboratory Microscope

Full-sized laboratory standard instrument incorporating a 1.3mp (1280×1024 pixels) built-in CMOS digital camera. Display and capture live images directly to your PC with ease, via a USB 2.0 cable using user-friendly ScopeImagePlus application software.

The camera can be connected and disconnected freely, and when the camera is not in use, the instrument operates like a conventional microscope.

Ideal for use in schools, colleges and professional laboratories over a wide range biological, medical, veterinary, bacteriological and agricultural applications

Stock No: 60031

Magnification x40-x1000 (x1600 achievable by using optional x16 eyepieces)
Paired x10 DIN standard high eyepoint widefield eyepieces, field 18mm
DIN standard, parfocal, parcentred objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65), X100R (1.25) Oil
Built-in 230v, 6v 20w halogen illumination with variable brightness control
Bright field ABBE condenser (N.A. 1.25) with iris diaphragm and filter carrier
Fully focusing rack & pinion substage
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing with indexed scale and adjustable focus-tension
Adjustable focus-stop
Quadruple nosepiece
Smooth x-y mechanical stage with co-axial drop-down controls.
Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7 compatible software
USB 2.0 Output, cable supplied
Dust cover
Dimensions 215x170x360mm
Weight 6.5kg


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